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HampoPlanter - Automatic farms now made easier!
Filesize: 6.1kB  Views: (1686)  Downloads (255)  Last Download: March 16, 2018, 01:17:02 PM 
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Plugin Version: 1
Rainbow Version: v49+
Dependencies: None
Issue reporting: Post a reply in the thread

Makes automatic farms easier. Makes dispensers plant crops (if possible) instead of dropping an item. If the crop can't be planted, because of wrong soil (dirt, farmland, soul sand), the item is dispensed instead. Current crops than can be planted are:
  • Saplings - Requires dirt.
  • Wheat seeds - Requires farmland (hoed dirt).
  • Pumpkin seeds - Requires farmland (hoed dirt).
  • Melon seeds - Requires farmland (hoed dirt).
  • Netherwart - Requires soul sand.

If the dispenser is facing down, item is just dispensed. If dispenser is facing up, it tried to plant on the block above it.

HampoPlanter - Download latest release here

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How to install:
  • Download the Jar
  • Put the jar in your plugins_mod folder
  • Run your server

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    - Plugin release

Posted by: Hampo November 22, 2014, 05:14:46 PM

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