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Rainbow Welcome
Filesize: 15.54kB  Views: (2791)  Downloads (680)  Last Download: February 03, 2018, 07:42:25 PM 
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Description: Rainbow Welcome is now a messaging system, which is triggered for specific events. Customisable and toggleable.

What I plan to do with this plugin:
v3.3: All messages in one file
v3.4: messages toggleable from file
v3.5: %% stuff changeable from file
v4.0: Messages per player (with default messages)
V4.1: Add colour specification option (/mes <mestype> <player> ColorChat.<Colour>)

This plugin would not have come out without the plugin tutorial video (http://www.project-rainbow.org/site/media/?sa=item;in=13) and also the Fredashay1.java (Fredashay's Automatic Grief Protecton, http://www.project-rainbow.org/site/downloads/?sa=view;down=257)

For writing / reading other messages, thank you Mkyong:
Thank you guys!

Also, thanks heaps Fredashay for v2.4+: http://www.project-rainbow.org/site/index.php?topic=1996.0

Editing the messages in-game
To edit the messages in-game, you type the /mes command with the message you want to change. There! Message changed!

-Welcomes you to the server with a customizable message
-extended login message (on server)
-messages when you die
-a message if you killed another player
-a message for travelling between different worlds
-a message when you enter/leave a bed
-a message when you respawn
-a message when you attack an animal
-system time, toggleable
-A whole bunch of in-game commands to display the message
-ALL messages are now toggleable in-game and on console
-Ability to change your message in-game
-Notifies the server when a player attacks an animal
-A message when you drink a potion
-A message when you teleport
-A message when you attack a hanging entity
-If file does not exist, automatically writes a message to the file.
-Added ColorChat support
-Added %PLAYER%, %WORLD%, %ECONOMY%, %TIME% and %IP% possibility in file which will be replaced with player-independent figure.

          display - displays the message "Welcome to the server" to the player who typed the command
          displaycustom - displays your custom welcome message to the player who typed the command
          (broadcast and broadcastcustom require the rwelcome.broadcast permission)
          broadcast - Broadcasts the message "Welcome to the server"
          broadcastcustom - Broadcasts your custom message
          (toggle requires the rwelcome.toggle permission)
                              messageon - toggles the welcome message on
                              messageoff - toggles the welcome message off
                              dimensionon - toggles the dimension message on
                              dimensionoff - toggles the dimension message off
                              bedenteron - toggles the bed enter message on
                              bedenteroff - toggles the bed enter message off
                              bedexiton - toggles the bed exit message on
                              bedexitoff - toggles the bed exit message off
                              plrdeathon - toggles the player death message on
                              plrdeathoff - toggles the player death message off
                              anidamageon - toggles the animal attack message on
                              anidamageoff - toggles the animal attack message off
                              respawnon - toggles the respawn message on
                              respawnoff - toggles the respawn message off
                              clockon - toggles the login clock on
                              clockoff - toggles the login clock off
                              potionon - toggles the potion message on
                              potionoff - toggles the potion message off
                              hangingon - toggles the hanging entity message on
                              hangingoff - toggles the hanging entity message off
                              teleporton - toggles the teleport message on
                              teleportoff - toggles the teleport message off

/mes (rwelcome.mes permission required)
          welmessage <message> - changes the welcome message
          dimmessage <message> - changes the dimension message
          bedentermessage <message> - changes the bed enter message
          bedexitmessage <message> - changes the bed exit message
          animalmessage <message> - changes the animal attack message
          deathmessage <message> - changes the death message
          respawnmessage <message> - changes the respawn message
          hangingmessage <message> - changes the hanging entity message
          potionmessage <message> - changes the potion message
          teleportmessage <message> - changes the teleport message

Using ColorChat in your messages
Rainbow Welcome now has ColorChat support! To use, just use your colour prefix followed by a comma, e.g. &b,welcome to the server

Using % stuff in your files
There are five things you can put in your file for player-dependant figures:
%PLAYER% - gets the player's name
%WORLD% - gets the player's world
%ECONOMY% - gets the player's economy
%IP% - gets the player's IP
%TIME% - gets the server time (not gametime).

V3.2: Added simplicity mode
          Improved startup
          Improved grammar
          Removed showing welcome message to console
          Can use multiple coloursand formats in one message
          Removed extended login message to console
          Fixed an issue where the welcome message clock could not be toggled.
          Removed some junk
          Added /sim command
          Made error catching simpler
V3.1b: More code cutting
            Fixed bug where the / is needed in console for the mes command
V3.1: Added % support
          Cut heaps of unnecessary code
V3.0: ColorChat support.
V2.9: Automatically writes a message to the file if it doesn't exist.
V2.8B: Fixes a bug where the animal message could not be toggled off
V2.8: Adds hanging entity, potion and teleport messages
V2.7: Clock on login toggleable
          Bed enter and bed exit messages can now be toggled separately
          Prints message to server when an animal is attacked
          Fixed a bug where the dimension message would not appear
          More performance improvements for a proper minecrafting experience :)
V2.6: Performance improvements
V2.5: added /mes command
          permissions added
V2.4: /rw head command
          Fixes issue with welcome message creating an error on startup.
V2.3: Files now created in separate directory (/plugins_mod/Rainbow Welcome/(file).txt)
          Fixed issue with animal message appearing when you attack an entity
          Changed the text from red to white when you type /send
V2.2: All messages are now toggleable
          Re-added /broadcast and /broadcastcustom commands
V2.1b: Significant bug fixes:
             -Player commands not working has been fixed
             -Console Issues have been fixed
            other changes:
             -Logoff message removed because of issues
             -Added respawn message
V2.1: All messages customisable
          All files automatically created
          Added /broadcast and /broadcastcustom commands
V1.2: Re-added system time
          Working /mes command
V1.0: Added support for the customizable welcome message
V0.12: Fixed a whole bunch of bugs
            Added system time
V0.10:Changed join message if you are an op (not ability to change the message yet, though).
           Added bed enter/leave messages
           More work on configurable welcome message (still commented).
           Added Console message
V0.8:Changed the dark blue to red
V0.7:Replaced /edit with /message
         When a player kills another player, the killer gets a message.

This version also has a start to making the welcome message customizable, but it is currently commented. When I finish it, I will make it uncommented.
V0.6:Added /edit command
         Added a message when going between dimensions
         Fixes death message not appearing to the player
V0.4: Added /display command
V0.3: Added death message
V0.2: First Release

Problems? Bugs? Comments? Suggestions?

Put them as a reply either here or in the Rainbow Welcome thread.
I will do my best to keep the plugin updated and the problems fixed.
Posted by: JD9999 January 29, 2016, 01:30:43 PM

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