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Bed Claim
Filesize: 8.55kB  Views: (1025)  Downloads (124)  Last Download: February 21, 2018, 07:58:55 AM 
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Description: Gives you a bed, and will later allow you to claim it.

My to-do list
-Ability to toggle whether to give the player a bed or not
-Anything else you want that I haven't thought of yet.

Version 1.0+
The new version actually lets players claim their bed. If the file contains two players with the same bed location, both players will be able to sleep in the bed. e.g. if the file contains:
Code: [Select]

myname1325(194.0, 64.0, 238.0)
otherplayer(190.0, 64.0, 239.0)
otherplayer(194.0, 64.0, 238.0)

Then both myname1325 and otherplayer will be able to access the bed at (194.0, 64.0, 238.0)
To reset this, just delete or rename the file, and the plugin will write a new one.

If you are updating to version 0.11+
The plugin will not work unless you add a number on a separate line on the end of the file. If you would prefer you can rename the BedClaim.txt file to something else and the plugin will create a new file suitable for the new version

- Gives you a bed (if there's not in your inventory on login)
- Log to the server where your bed is and the player sleeping in it.
- Writes to a text file (BedClaim.txt) (automatically created) where the bed is.
- Command to wipe the BedClaim file
- Command to read the BedClaim file
- Command to search the BedClaim file
- Prints to the server who and where a player slept after leaving bed
- Numbers your bed
- Player gets kicked when sleeping in someone else's bed
- If a player claims one bed, the others can be claimed by another player Maybe, I need to retest this.
- Guest beds. An OP can type /guestbed with a bed in their hand and a guest bed will appear.

The entire command stuff has been changed in V1.2! Have a look:
Commands can be done in console without the "/".
All commands require OP permission. Tell me if you think it should be otherwise. I will not be offended.
- /guestbed - If you're holding a bed, the bed will be placed as a guest bed.
- /readbed [player] - reads all the claimed beds. If a player is specified (optional), it will only show you the claimed beds of the player
- /repbed - Removes all claims, making sure the file can still be read.

-V1.2: Replaced all the commands and changed the way they worked
            Added guest beds
            Fixed bug where claimed bed trying to be removed will not be intefered with. This also works with the guest beds as well.
-V1.1: No multi-claiming beds
-V1.0: Players can claim beds
-V0.12: Changes /showbed to search rather than read
-V0.11: Numbers the beds, restarting at 0 after 99
-V0.10: Saves multiple bed locations to the file (1 per line)
-V0.9: Adds /showbed command (which will be different to /readbed in the future).
            Adds a message when you leave a bed.
-V0.6: Commands can be used as a player (/repbed and /delbed require you to be an OP)
Fixes issue with /repbed being the same as /readbed
-V0.4: Added /delbed and /repbed commands
-V0.3: Writes bed location to a text file
-V0.2: Initial Release

Problems? Bugs? Comments? Suggestions?

Put them as a reply either here or in the Bed Claim thread.
I will do my best to keep the plugin updated and the problems fixed.
Posted by: JD9999 May 19, 2016, 05:35:14 AM

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