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Description: Adds different seasons into Minecraft!

For V0.5 +!
The original seasonbase.txt logged the season with the season name, e.g. "summer" whereas the new version will log a number e.g."1". This is preparation for a future update which will allow the season to be automatically changed.

My to-do list
-Automatic seasons
-More weather options
-Anything else you want that I haven't thought of

-Allows for different seasons
-Summer and Winter changes the weather
-Writes the current season to a file
-You can see the season with /season or 'season' in the console
-Commands to start and stop automatic switch
-Customisable timer
-Different mobs can spawn in different seasons.

The seasons automatic timer
Seasons now has an automatic timer!
The timer is started by the /seasonsstart command (or seasonsstart from console)
At a specified time (default 2 hours), the season will change.
If the command is entered by a player, the timer will stop when the player leaves
If the command is entered into the server, the timer will stop when the server restarts
Alternatively, the command can be stopped with the /seasonsstop (player) and seasonsstop (console) command.

If you stop the timer, and start it before the season would be switched, do note the first season switch will be much quicker than usual. This is unavoidable.

How to change the duration of the timer
A new file has been created (seasontimer.txt) which allows you to change how long the timer goes for. By default the file contains "2h" which will set it for two hours (like previous versions). But you can change it:
(1-7)d - sets it for (1-7) days
(1-23)h - sets it for (1-23) hours
(1-59)m - sets it for (1-59) minutes
(1-59)s - sets it for (1-59) seconds
If something does not work, please notify me. What the plugin should do is run a timer for two hours in case of an issue. If it doesn't do that, please, once again, notify me. I like my plugins to be bug-free so if you do find one please tell me.

-/summer - changes the season to summer - also changes the weather to clear
-/autumn - changes the season to autumn - also changes the weather to rainy and thunder
-/winter - changes the season to winter - also changes the weather to rainy
-/spring - changes the season to spring
-/season - tells you the season
-/seasonsstart - starts the season automatic timer
-/seasonsstop - stops the seasons automatic timer
-(In console) season - tells you the season
-(In console) seasonsstart - starts the seasons automatic timer
-(In console) seasonsstop - stops the seasons automatic timer
-/goodon - turns good mobs on - op command
-/goodoff - turns good mobs off - op command
-/badon - turns bad mobs on - op command
-/badoff - turns bad mobs off - op command

V1.4: Fixed an issue where commands to change mob spawning are still parsed to minecraft commands.
          Fixed an issue where I said good mobs were off with the /badoff command
          Fixed an issue where the plugin won't look for unspecified mobs and entities.
V1.3: Performance improvements
          Broadcasts season changing to all players on the server
          Adds /seasonsstop command to stop the timer
          Fixed bug where a 45 second timer would not be recognised
V1.2: Customisable timer
V1.1: Creates seasonbase.txt in seperate directory (/plugins_mod/Seasons)
          Adds timer to console
          Displays season name instead of number in file
V1.0: Includes the timer
V0.5:Lets you know what the season is on join and when you change dimension.
V0.4:Adds /season and (console) season commands
V0.2:Initial Release

Problems? Bugs? Comments? Suggestions?

Put them as a reply either here or in the Seasons thread.
I will do my best to keep the plugin updated and the problems fixed.
Posted by: JD9999 January 29, 2016, 02:17:16 PM

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January 29, 2016, 02:08:05 PM
Sorry for the late reply.

I've had a look at the code, and it seems to be what comes up in game. However, it looks like bad mobs are disabled by the plugin. A fix will come out for this soon, but I've discovered another bug in which some mobs are unidentified. Am looking into that before releasing a new version to contest this bug.


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December 09, 2015, 08:27:06 PM
When i do /badoff it says not reconized and than it turns off good mobs instead...

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