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Find Biome
Filesize: 8.32kB  Views: (608)  Downloads (100)  Last Download: April 11, 2018, 02:07:52 AM 
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Description: This plugin searches for biomes.  It's really easy to use.  In the chat window, type:

    /FINDBIOME biomename

The plugin will then go off on a mission to find that biome.   The plugin slices time so that it doesn't stop the server during the search.  The search could take a long time.  If you enter a new search before the current search is finished, it will abort the current search and start the new search.  Also, to conserve server resources, only one search thread is allowed--this means if you search for a desert, then someone else searches for a swamp, the swamp search will abort your desert search.  

The plugin uses Minecraft names for the biomes: desert, desert_hills, savanna, etc., while ignoring under_scores.  So if you search for deserthills or desert_hills, it will find desert_hills.  But if you search for biomewithalotoftrees, it'll search and search and until it gives up.  It will give up after searching an area about 100k by 100k blocks.  Also, it's semi-smart about what you can type.  If you type...

    /FINDBIOME deser

...it will find desert or deserthills, whichever it finds first.  If you search for savan, it will find a savanna.  But if you type savana, it won't find anything.

Posted by: Fredashay September 05, 2015, 03:37:50 PM

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