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Description: Nightsevents

This is currently just a simple break down of my bukkit version. (the rest will be here soon)
NightsEvents is an event hosting plug-in. It allows players with permission to open events anywhere on your server. Once open it allows players with permission to teleport to the event location (created when the event is opened). It also works across worlds but only 1 active event at a time. I plan for it to have multi events however I have alot going on and only do this as a hobby. I do take requests and have many ideas for the future of nightsevents. Its just going to take some time cause im also still learning java :)

  • Simply add the .jar to your plugins_mod folder and start the server.

  • /openevent - Opens the server event.    needs perm nightsevents.manage
  • /joinevent - Joins the server event.        needs perm nightsevents.join
  • /closeevent - Closes the server event.    needs perm nightsevents.manage

More to come...
  • Custom messages and colors.
  • Prefix (custom)
  • Spectating events
  • And much more

Posted by: Guest September 30, 2014, 08:52:44 AM

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