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Shared Packages
Filesize: 394.55kB  Views: (733)  Downloads (54)  Last Download: April 09, 2018, 09:10:42 PM 
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Description: A set of libraries to help make your plugins or other applications easier to make.

To-do list
- Add more Converters
- Add a timezone management class under Date
- Add more Algebra functions (possibly more useful too!)
- Add a Writing package to complement the new Reading package
- Add a better stopwatch to complement the PurposeFileTimer
- Remove deprecated methods (V1.1+)
- Continued optimisation.

The packages include:
  • Converter
  • Date
  • Encoder
  • Exceptions (exceptions already included inside the required package
  • Math
  • MyFirstPlugin
  • Readandwrite
  • Reading
  • Stopwatch
  • TestSharedPackages
  • Timers

Each package (with the exceptions of the MyFirstPlugin and TestSharedPackages packages) is completely standalone and does not require any other package.
The javadoc for all the packages is inside the ZIP file.

V1.2.1: Fixed a bug with ListConverter / SetConverter where a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException would be thrown if the list or set was empty
V1.2: Added extra functionality into the Converter package.
V1.1.2: Fixed the RW4 encoder (yes, again)
V1.1: Fixed the RW4 encoder
V1.0: Added the Converter package
          Optimised the Date package
          Added the Encoder package
          Added the Exceptions package
          Added the Math package
          Added the MyFirstPlugin package
          Optimised the Readandwrite package
          Added the Reading package
          Added the TestSharedPackages package
          Optimised the Timer package
          Added constructors to all the classes instead of the methods being static
          SharedPackages is now an executable with a built-in GUI
V0.3: Added RandomAccessFle, Files.file and a stopwatch
V0.2: Added more timers, BufferedReader options and BufferedWriter options.
V0.1: Initial Release

Problems? Bugs? Comments? Suggestions?

Put them as a reply either here or in the Shared Packages thread.
I will do my best to keep the plugin updated and the problems fixed.
Posted by: JD9999 June 02, 2017, 05:20:12 PM

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