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Author Topic: How to setup Rainbow PluginBukkitBridge and Bukkitplugins  (Read 2647 times)


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How to setup Rainbow PluginBukkitBridge and Bukkitplugins
« on: November 19, 2014, 05:49:33 PM »
This is a small to do list how to setup you server for working
with the plugins listed in the Collection

1. You need Rainbow itself ;)
Here is the link for V50 the current version of Rainbow
Rainbow V50

2. Start the server once. You will see a folder is created in the main directory called: plugins_mod

3. Now get the Rainbow PluginBukkitBridge from Codecrafter:
Link to RPBB: http://www.project-rainbow.org/site/downloads/?sa=view;down=69
Codecrafters latest Jenkinsbuild: Here u find the latest jenkins build of the PluginBukkitBridge
Copy the PluginBukkitBridge.jar to the new plugins_mod folder
Note: You just need one of these two links. Its up to you, which you choose :)

4. Restart the server, and stop it after it. You will see a folder is created in the main directory called: plugins

5. Choose the Plugins you want from the Download section area for Bukkitplugins or test other you known from the Bukkit site. Copy the .jar-files to the newly created plugins folder
Note: It is possible that an untested plugin will throw an error, or just not work. If you find these FIXME Errors in the Console, you can help us with posting them in the Help-Section. Please check to see if there is already a bug report for the bug you have found, to prevent double posting.

6. Restart your server


Note: You can use Rainbow Permission System to mange the permissions for the Bukkit Plugins
           If a Bukkit Plugin is not ready or made for 1.8 then it mostly cant handle new 1.8 blocks/mobs.
           (This is not a bug!)
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